Delta Force 2

Delta Force 2

Delta Force 2 is an action shooting war game for single or multiple players
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Delta Force 2 1.0 is a virtual action shooting war environmental game for single or multiple players with over 40 missions to complete. Before the game begins, players are presented with a Commander Screen interface where they can choose orders for team-mates and make changes during their game. In Delta Force 2 1.0, players take on the role of American Special Forces soldiers who can either be solo or guide a few squad members through their mission with them. The object of the game is to search and destroy the enemy. The 40 missions take place in a variety of heavily fortified environments rendered with the game’s 3D updated Voxel Space engine bringing realistic terrain, landscapes, and detailed rocks, bushes, buildings and shrubs, that soldiers can hide behind, climb up, or climb over. Delta Force 2 1.0 includes rain, snow and fog effects in some of its outdoor locations as well as long grass and water. Players also have the ability to ‘swim’, and climb up ladders and buildings. Underwater APS rifles are provided as well as sniper and assault rifles, anti-tank weapons and time delay grenades, to name just a few of the more than 20 real-world weapons and equipment featured in the game. The free Novaworld online gaming supports up to 50 players playing Delta Force 2 1.0 and voice-over-net technology is featured in the online gaming arena.

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  • Supports 32-bit graphics


  • Some Vista compatibility issues
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